Tests & Careers Magazine, the e-version, will bring you invaluable Resources and Knowledge Databases on fields related to topics dealt in this magazine. Synergy Publications believes in this requirement and necessity of such Resources to students and career-seekers alike and endeavours to make conscious efforts to the fulfilment of this. Much of the resources stuff is drawn from sister organisations of Synergy, namely, Synergy Academy and others who are very conversant in the fields dealt herein.  Readers of this magazine may look forward to the following resources featured in our ensuing editions:


Resources on study options collate data and details of such options with the much needed information on when, where, why and how of the courses, institutes and study streams available in India. These resource materials go beyond the narrow confines of a magazine article and provide a wider vision of the select topics.


Resources on Study Abroad options focus on country-specific study hotspots of the world. They attempt to capture the flavour of academic seasons in overseas campuses apart from giving the essential funda on studies abroad. With the innate benefit of knowledge residing in Synergy Academy about these resources, we are confident of the value this would impart to students reaching other shores.

Resources on career options will essentially be monograms on careers-traditional, exotic, niche, offbeat and many other – which one would wish to pursue based on precise knowledge inputs essential to pursue the career alternatives best rewarding and highly satisfying. They will be incisive as well as comprehensive in that they will dwell not just on the career or the job concerned but on the industry or the sector as a whole to which it belongs to including the future outlook which the industry or sector portends. Needless to say, the resources will be useful and practical at the same time to jobs/career seekers alike.

Await many more categories of Resources to be added to this list in the time to come.

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