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To decide correctly on what is a right job or profession of your choice based on your education, you should also know about the various career options in India as well as Overseas including details of such careers, namely the opportunities subsisting in these jobs, their skill-set requirements, number of positions and jobs which may get created in the months and years to fulfill the human resource requirements depending on the nature of the sectors/industries in which such career choices are great to pursue, expected compensation packages and levels of employment in these careers and comparative evaluation with other careers and jobs in which one may have options to pursue and be successful. ‘JOBS, CAREERS & PROFESSIONS’ section of the TESTS & CAREERS MAGAZINE aims to satisfy this essential need to know more about them.


 Flight travel exposes passengers to a number of adverse factors due to changes in air pressure, humidity, oxygen concentration and so many others.Some passengers w


Traditionally, computers in an office are networked and are run through a local server(s).A new revolution has swept this traditional way:Use a network of remote s


 Automobile Engineering or called in some countries, Automotive Engineering, is an offshoot of mechanical engineering being at its core with electrical, structural


 Looking well groomed, stylish and youngish is no more considered a fad of the elite or the posh.From toddlers to teenagers,middle-aged to the post-adults, visiting


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