Want to know plenty about Life-Career balance, Mid-Career switch decisions crucial to you

Careers just don’t happen but have to be meticulously planned and carved out. There are many skills which help in our career progression, which we imbibe through dedicated learning and many others while being on job. Inspite of such learnings, quite often we realise that we are not happy about our professions and the work we are doing is not keeping us satisfied by any means. This forces us to plan change of careers and end up also in mid-career blues. Such changes require that we identify our short comings–may be on soft skills essential for the jobs or on higher levels of existing job skills. Information on methods of doing so and doing so effectively is hard to come by.

The ‘LIFE SKILLS & CAREER DEVELOPMENT section of the TESTS & CAREERS MAGAZINE is designed to just address this essential need.

 Mid-Career Blues define that point of your career when the interest in your pursuing that career starts waning due to reaso


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