Elaborate data and DIY-kits about assessment tools & techniques to test your Aptitudes, Personality and Motivation to know your best-fit study and career options.

In this competitive age of careers and multidisciplinary education, planning for and deciding on specific education streams and career choices to pursue, is of paramount importance. However, in majority of cases, such a decision is often limited to having a cursory knowledge and information about the course/career alternatives in making a choice of what seems the best among those alternatives. Career and education decisions just based on such scanty information will often turn out to be wrong as we often ignore the importance of knowing ourselves even at a very young age as to (1) What are our aptitudes and natural abilities (2) What are our personality traits and behaviour patterns (3) What jobs and careers interest, motivate and satisfy us as per our own natural perceptions and also in terms of satisfying levels of salaries, perks, benefits and work satisfaction.

Connecting these personal parameters of our Aptitudes & Abilities, Personality & Behaviour and  Motivation, Interest & Needs to certain career alternatives and job opportunities that will further enhance our knowledge and skills in our talent area and turn them into our strengths. This self-evaluation and self-exploration on these major areas will help in defining realistic, educational and career options with a better degree of accuracy as compared to the limited and blind career-choice hunting, often done by students and career seekers alike.

This section of TESTS AND CAREERS MAGAZINE – named EXPLORE YOURSELF’ – brings to your focus, one of the least undertaken and understood facts of career planning, namely knowing and evaluating this major triad of one’s traits – (1) Aptitudes (2) Personality and (3) Motivation and understand the linkages of results of such an evaluation with the nature of jobs/careers one wishes to pursue among the many appropriate career choices.

 All of it begins conspicuously with school or college students while making choices about education and career that would set the course for their future. Opting for a college or career simply based on the opinions of what friends and family
 Q.1) What are skills? What differentiates skills from subject knowledge?

Your scholastic and college qualifications only define the general nature of jobs you are educated for and not necessarily the specific jobs you may be proficient in. Apart from such scholastic

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