09 Jun 2017

Competition / Help Material

Tests for recruitment into jobs and for entry into Institutes including the reputed ones such as the  IIMs, IITs and others, have been commonplace.Apart from these, there are tests mandatory for admissions in colleges and universities such as the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT and ACT. These tests need structured preparation and practice. To facilitate such a preparation, T&C Magazine has an exclusive column space, providing such Help-material useful in preparation for these tests and examinations. This Help-material can be about imparting of knowledge and basics for and about the tests or about practice/test Help material featuring previous tests/test patterns and the best suggested methods of solving them.

In compiling these Test Help-materials, we acknowledge drawing such resources from our sister organisation, SYNERGY ACADEMY, that is pioneering new age methods for such test coaching preparatories.

General Knowledge

General knowledge (GK) section of competitive examinations is an important section of subject testing.Hence preparing adequately for it is an essential part of Test preparation.One of the advantages of preparing for this part of the test is that it allows lot of flexibility in the preparation in terms of study material available for it; it is available anywhere and everywhere in the form of newspaper supplements, GK books and books of general reading.

Indian Judicial System-A Sample Essay for Civil Services Exam

Indian Judicial system has a three tiered structure,comprising of the Supreme Court at the top,High Courts at the helm of various states and various district and session courts,lower courts of civil and criminal jurisdiction such as metropolitan magistrate courts etc.at the lowest level.

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