16 Dec 2014

Careers – Features

Knowledge and Information about careers, Jobs and Professions is key for taking decisions of getting interested and recruited for them.Decisions can go awry if they are taken without sufficient and necessary information on careers and can be inadequate too if it is a new age career about which information can be scanty. Features on Careers and Professions carried in these columns of Tests & Careers Magazine provide exactly this precise and need based information to aspiring career seekers. These features will be extensive as well as intensive dwelling both traditional and exotic & out-of-the-box career streams.

Aviation Medicine

Flight travel exposes passengers to a number of adverse factors due to changes in air pressure, humidity, oxygen concentration and so many others.Some passengers with health risks associated with air travel may have difficulty in getting accustomed to these factors. Under such circumstances, people get quick medical attention by specially trained medical practitioners.  Also safety is a major component of aviation.

Cloud Computing-Your offices High in Sky

Traditionally, computers in an office are networked and are run through a local server(s).A new revolution has swept this traditional way:Use a network of remote servers hosted in the web, to store, process and manage data.This new revolution, called Cloud Computing, is a network-based service on virtual hardware simulated by software running on a single or more number of real machines.

Cosmetology and Cosmetic Surgery

Looking well groomed, stylish and youngish is no more considered a fad of the elite or the posh.From toddlers to teenagers,middle-aged to the post-adults, visiting specialist stylists to make them look perfect and well groomed, is becoming more occasional and frequent too. Such specialist stylists are known as Beauticians or Cosmetologists to be more precise.

Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering or called in some countries, Automotive Engineering, is an offshoot of mechanical engineering being at its core with electrical, structural electronic and materials sciences closely coupled to that core.With the integration of these of various disciplines, what you get are dream machines that can barely be called mechanical or structural products. These dream machines–motorcycles, scooters, cars, trucks buses etc.

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