With technology interventions and education avenues burgeoning, education sector in India is witnessing vast changes. Open Learning solutions like the MOOCs, On-line Virtual Classrooms, Frame-based Learning, Learning via social media are almost revolutionizing the way we learn. Borders for pursuing education are getting blurred. Indian students on the one hand are going overseas in greater numbers for education and on the other, with standards of Indian education improving, more overseas students are coming here as well, more and more in numbers to our avant grade institutions. Nonetheless, in stark contrast, challenges in even basic education reaching the vast multitude of illiterate Indians, numbering more than a staggering 280 million, are still unabated. This dubious distinction of having the highest number of illiterates in the world needs to be erased soon. A section of the Tests & Careers Magazine endeavours to spotlight on many of these issues and analyse them for solutions.
Pre-education and pre-recruitment tests are becoming more of a norm than being an exception; admission tests are aplenty, levels of preparation and bars of performance are forever going up. Even coaching and help for such test preparation is becoming highly competitive and pricey. The Tests & Careers Magazine in a small way, through its forum-platforms endeavours to help students in getting over this.
Careers & Job Opportunities are expanding in numbers and volume; qualitative standards for them are getting redefined and borders between them are getting blurred even while the lucrative and specialized careers are still the flavour of the recruiting choices. As valuable information about these and especially good options among career choices is always found wanting, we endeavour to provide it in ample measure in this Magazine.
These days, choosing as to what we want to become, starts very early in life but meticulous planning as well as methods and systems to do so are still lacking. Significance of one’s own aptitudes, interests, behavioural aspects and motivation is still least understood while planning for one’s education and careers. We often forget that self assessment and exploration within ourselves should be the first of the definitive steps in education and career planning. Tests & Careers Magazine, while recognizing this need, devotes a considerable section of the magazine to enhance this awareness.
Learning is verily a life-long process; while being in a career one can opt for a better and rewarding career, if only appropriate learning and planning to do so is initiated at the right moment. Also mid-career crises can strike anybody who is alternately unprepared. Absence of a constant and continuous career improvement strategy, coupled with the honing of skills of modern age like, IT & Soft skills, Communication skills and others may land even the brightest into the dark alleys of career obsolescence. Our Tests & Careers Magazine has a devoted section dealing with issues related to life skills and avenues for continuous career development.
In fact we, at Synergy Publications, endeavour to offer through this, a mega magazine-The Tests & Careers Magazine comprising of five distinct sub-magazines viz., (i) Explore Yourself  (ii) U-Learn (iii) Tests & Competitions (iv) Jobs, Careers & Professions (v) Life Skills & Career Development, replete with articles, major and minor features , lead discussions and career analyses apart from a regular coverage of education and career news, related columns in general knowledge, current affairs, events and seminars relevant to the sector.

Finally, as with all our other products, through this magazine too, Synergy Publications will strive to be a unique unimpeachable source of information to all readers and participants. At Synergy Publications we will endeavour to put all our efforts to build knowledge platforms that will help the education sector gain up the value chain and secure maximum benefits to all its stakeholders. As a natural progression of this, we plan in future, to anchor workshops, seminars, expositions and such others on themes tailored to enlighten and enliven the nation’s education and the multitudes of job sector.



Explore Yourself

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Tests and Competitions

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Jobs,Careers & Professions

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Life Skills & Career Development

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