15 Jul

Engineering Graduates prefer Software Product Space over IT Services

BANGALORE:  In the present scenario of the job market, applicants and recent graduates are no longer looking to work for larger and prestigious IT companies like before. The swift change in this process is due to the fact that software product space offer hot career options and high salary packages, that the typical IT service companies are failing to tap on, according to sources.

Working in IT services with services with hundreds of thousands of employees, is losing allure, thanks to the Indian start-up companies like Zomato and Flipkart, which have become a better choice for engineering students in making career choices.Along with this, some of the top IT service are even losing out on their key executives to the homebound start up companies, as these firms are not afraid to offer huge pay-packages that were once the USP of established foreign companies.

With the e-commerce company such as Flipkart planning to add 1,200 engineers in this fiscal, other companies like Zoho and Zomato are in the pipeline to add top grads by 2015. By doing this the big employee based companies whose employee?? number is in hundreds or thousands are set to be the biggest losers in the near future. The reason could be that Start ups which  are built by engineering graduates   hire from their colleges in view of the bonding, and there?? the feel that they are working for an Indian company rather than a company based in the United States.

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