03 Jul

India has again become promising says Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria

NEW DELHI: Harvard Business School Dean, Nitin Nohria said on Tuesday that India has once again become a hotspot for global investors after degradation of China in the share market. Nohria was participating in the discussion with top brasses of power, coal and renewable energy on leadership qualities. He said that there is a marvelous opportunity for India on business and investments fronts.

He stated, ??en years ago, people were excited about India and five years after that it became wait and see. Today again they are extremely excited as democracy has given a clear mandate that this leadership represents.??span style=”line-height: 1.538em;”>Nohria stated that India has unexpectedly emerged out as a potential platform for global investors who have the intention to accumulate their finances outside their nations. He further added after his talks with the top authorities of power, coal and renewable ministries, ??ut people will wait for six months to see if the initial excitement translates into concrete action. There is guarded optimism.??/span>Nohria said that the investors did not show much interest in China because of the nation?? economic slowdown in recent times.


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